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Rolex Replica Watches Announces the First NTPT Case in Watchmaking - Rolex Replica Watches Announces the New Rolex Replica Watches Flyback Chronograph Version

Rolex Replica Watches, a brand that is known for its ability to implement new technologies and materials into watchmaking, has announced the launch of the new version its Rolex Replica Watches Flyback Chronograph model. It will be available in stores later this year. This new timepiece will be the first to be fitted in a North Thin Ply Technology case (NTPT), which is a new version of carbon fiber material previously used in aeronautics,Replica Rolex Watches Formula One racing, and sailing. The new material has a wood-like appearance and better properties than carbon fibers currently in use, particularly when it comes to resistance to stress and micro cracks. It will also increase the cost of the model, which is already quite expensive.

NTPT- Originally Developed to Craft SailsNTPT is a concept Gerard Gautier originally created in 2001 for the world of sailing. The first prototypes and machinery were not released until 2002, while production of the first sales began in 2007. It took three more years to modify the material to be able to create rigid structures. NTPT was used in the construction of Formula One cars and Solar Pulse 2 aircraft over the past two years. Lastly, this year will see the first watch cases made of NTPT. Rolex Replica Watches's Proart Case Factory, which begins its production of carbon fiber materials this year, is currently constructing the first housings.

This high-tech composite material is made up of many layers of thin threads that are created by splitting carbon fiber. The material is made up of thin sheets of approximately 30 microns in thickness. They are then soaked in resin, and then heated to 120° Celsius. Finally, they are pressurized to 6 bar with a special machine. The end result is a durable composite structure that has a unique texture, reminiscent of luxurious wood.Cartier Pasha Replica The material is more organic than carbon fibers and has a 25% higher resistance to breaking. It also has twice the resilience to micro-cracks.

Flyback Chronograph With Date and Month Indications, and a 50-Hour Power Reserve. Felippe Massa's Formula One driver Felippe Masa will be the first model to use the new housing type. The company has released the first photos. They show that the new model will be the same as the predecessor. It runs on the Rolex Replica Watches S skeletonized, self-winding mechanical movement with variable rotor geometry. The flyback chrono function is not available on the 62-jeweled caliber, which has a frequency of 28800 VPH. It also provides an oversized indication of its annual calendar at top of sapphire dial and a month indication in the four o’clock position.

It also features a countdown clock and a double barrel system that provides a 50-hour power reserve. It measures 40 mm wide by 50 mm long and 16.15 mm thick at its thickest point. This toneau-shaped case will be the first ever made of NTPT. The movement has a variety of finishes, including a titanium base-plate and bridges. The watch was previously available in titanium and 18 K gold housings with a sapphire back, 50m water resistance, and a black leather strap. The Swiss watchmaker has yet to disclose the exact date and details of the NTPT Housed Newcomer.

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