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As I was strolling along the Burlington Arcade, my attention was drawn to a watch displayed in George Somlo’s shop window. Somlo is the sole authorized dealer for vintage Omega and also has strong lines in vintage Cartier and Patek,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches as well as 1960s/'70s Piaget . This was something I hadn't seen in any fashionable West End window for some time: a panerai luminor marina replica Cellini with a gadrooned bracelet and case.

Somlo is a weathervane of vintage watches and Somlo is just as good. With West End rents what they are, Somlo doesn't want to sell dead merchandise. Therefore, this mysterious offering from the Rolex history must be making a comeback. All I can do is wonder why.

It's probably because panerai luminor marina replica, the black sheep in the family, has been overlooked and underappreciated for at most a generation that I love it so much. Even those who claim to be Rolex experts will admit that the only limited and numbered series Rolex ever produced is the legendary ref. 5100 "Rolex Quartz",replica panerai which debuted in the 1970s. In truth, Rolex actually had issued a limited number of watches before the first signs of the imminent Quartz Crisis. Although the distinctive design is dated 1970s, the King Midas was actually first published in Rolex catalogs in 1962.

Nick Foulkes wearing an ensemble that befits the extravagant Rolex Kings MIdas ((c),Revolution)

Nick Foulkes own Rolex Kings MIdas Ref. 9630 ((c)Revolution)

The panerai luminor marina replica, one of the most innovative pieces ever launched, was far ahead of its time and so sui generis that it defied, or at the very least, complicated, accurate description. The extravagant use of 18K Gold was a hallmark of the watch, as the name suggests. The Midas watches are hard to forget once worn.Patek Philippe replica watches It weighs more like an 18K-gold manacle than a watch. There was more to the Midas than just a large amount of precious metal. The bracelet was made of articulated ingots and looked closer to the tracks of a tank's tracks than the traditional watch bracelet. It was not just harmonious that the case and bracelet looked so similar. The King Midas is unusual and individualized even in the 21st Century. It must have looked like an alien UFO in the 1960s.

It is possible that Gerald Genta, who would be well-known for his integrated designs for Audemars Peguet and Patek Philippe, was involved with the creation of panerai luminor marina replica. This assertion may be true, but it was certainly an impressive exercise in detail design. The winding crown with sawtooth-style profile as well as the concealed clasp were new to the Rolex range. In case the wearer couldn't read the in Greek script on dial, the angled case walls either side of winding crown were deeply engraved with "Rolex Kings Midas" unlike later models.

Nick Foulkes own Rolex Kings MIdas Ref. 9630 ((c)Revolution)

This watch's name is the key to understanding it. Made of solid gold, it was referred to as the most expensive and heavy-weight watch ever made.

"Never before -- a watch as daringly original,Replica Tag Heuer Watches so different, and so harmoniously classic. The King Midas watch is named after the legendary king with the golden touch. It's made from solid 18ct gold and sculpted from one block, making it a watch for the most discriminating people around the world," an advertisement stated. Each watch is a solid mass of gold that is very heavy and very expensive.

"You might not be able afford one, but it is impossible not to see one. You can daydream. See Midas. Touch Midas. This is a true masterpiece in gold that no illustration can do justice to."

This is undoubtedly a extreme form of watchmaking. The Midas was not needed. The Midas was not needed. It wasn't necessary that it would have worked at the Marianas Trench, 11 km under the waves.panerai radiomir replica But, then, nobody really wanted one. It's amazing to think that Rolex was working on a watch almost exactly opposite of the one it was creating for its Deepsea model. This was at the time when the watch was being developed for the Trieste bathyscaphe expedition to the deepest point in the planet.

The Ref. The Ref. 9630 comes with a panerai luminor marina replica Urn-inspired presentation box (Image: sothebys.com).

The panerai luminor marina replica urn-like black box is shaped like the mythical Midas stamnos and features scenes showing Silenus leading Midas in red ((c]Revolution)).

Rolex and Avant-Garde '60s

Rolex responded to the Midas with the Midas. In 1957, Piaget,panerai luminor marina replica a family-owned company that had supplied movements up until the 1940s, launched the remarkable calibre 9P. This ultra-thin handwound movement was 2mm tall. It allowed for the creation of elegant dress watches of avant-garde design and often used exotic stone dials. Rolex would prove it fluent by using the Midas as a new language for horological ornament. The King Midas ref. 9630 was limited in quantity to 1000 pieces, with a number engraved on each bracelet near the junction with the case.

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